Medical, Legal & Insurance Transcription Service Provider

Enright Sten-Tel Transcription Services is a leading transcription service provider specialized in providing fast, highly accurate voice to text transcripts and reports to the medical, legal and insurance industries. With Enright’s transcription services, professionals can spend precious time on what is important, improve efficiency and reduce overhead.

healthcare transcription services


At Enright, we understand the unique transcription requirements of health care providers, including the need for accuracy, speed, security, and HIPAA compliance. For that reason, hospitals and medical practices have come to rely on us for our ability to provide fast turnarounds and highly accurate speech to text services for all of your transcription needs…

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legal transcription services


Enright offers an efficient and cost-effective legal transcription solution. With our state-of-the-art service, you’ll enjoy a secure and easy-to-use workflow that will produce your reports, letters, motions and summaries within 24 hours…

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insurance transcription services


Insurance companies have come to rely on Enright for its highly accurate transcription services and its ability to scale to handle high volume requirements, especially in the aftermath of national disasters. Our company has handled thousands of transcription projects involving property and auto claims…

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